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Granola | Bulk Double Chocolate

Who wouldn't want chocolate for breakfast? This antioxidant packed Ancient Grain Granola is as good as it sounds, freshly baked with cocoa and rich chocolate chunks your sweet tooth will love!

Buy in Bulk for over 30% in savings, compared to individual bags!

Non-GMO  |  Gluten Free

One 10lbs. box

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
5.49 bag only larger?

I imagine that this will be exactly like the smaller bag in the same flavor. If you are looking for something healthy and don't want to pay a whole lot for it, enjoy DARK chocolate, oats, flax seed, and helping those in need. You have definitely found what you are looking for. No, seriously amazing, but be careful, make sure you put some in a small bowl or something when snacking because this stuff will be gone quick if you don't. (found out the hard way and ate an entire small bag, almost entirely by myself...). Very very good, I may purchase the bulk package if I remember it...


Delicious! My husband eats it for breakfast and puts it on his ice cream (any flavor) at night. We plan to order more soon. Love the free shipping!

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