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Our Story

It all started in 1994 when I rented the 4-H kitchen at the Whidbey Island Fairgrounds to bake my way to a better life. Inspired by my mom's healthy baking and armed with a KitchenAid mixer, I created a revolutionary new way to serve breakfast... The Original Breakfast Cookie was born!

For the last twenty years, oats and fruit have been the staple ingredients in my bakery, making us unique in our efforts to provide healthier food products. I take great pride in baking products with whole food ingredients that are sourced close to our bakery. While the "hands in the dough" touch is more time consuming, the gentle treatment of the raw ingredients results in a more premium product in terms of taste and texture, and also ensures my granola is full of whole, chunky clusters.

"I believe in a better way to eat, and I won't take 'no' for an answer."

I'm excited to introduce you to my Blue Bike® Sprouted Snacks as it is a tribute to the beginning of my bakery. Back in 1996, I was on a mission to change breakfast with the nutritious, tasty Breakfast Cookies I baked and delivered around town. My cookies soon became so popular that I needed a commercial oven, but the bank wouldn't lend the funds to buy it. I had to make a big decision, but I believed in myself and my mission. So, to buy the oven, I sold my most valuable possession - my car - and instead of driving, I delivered baked goods by blue bike. Today, the Blue Bike symbolizes dedication, healthy habits, and trust in growth: the seeds of our success.

My Breakfast CookiesBreakfast Cookie Minis, Grain Free Better CookiesHomestyle GranolaUltra Protein Granola and Blue Bike® Sprouted Snacks are handcrafted and baked to order from our talented crew, promising homemade freshness and flavor!

Erin's Signature
Erin Baker, Owner and Founder


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