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Gourmet Cookie | Lemon Berry 1oz (20ct)

Regular price $ 19.99

Indulge in a sweet, soft-baked treat with our gourmet Lemon Berry cookie! With zesty lemon oil and tangy dried cranberries, it's a fun and flavorful surprise. Try it today and treat yourself to a delicious treat!


Non-GMO | Soft Bake | Vegan

Includes 20 individually wrapped 1 oz. cookies

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Roisilin Riley
Good, but expensive

Cookies are way too small for the price. My husband thinks they’re delicious, but agrees they’re too small and expensive. I like the flavor, but I think they need more lemon. The texture and chewiness are just right, though.

We appreciate your feedback regarding our cookies, and we're grateful for your honesty. It's great to hear that your husband enjoys the taste and texture, but we understand your concerns about the size and price. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers and take all feedback seriously. If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at Help@erinbakers.com

Chris M
Best bought cookie ever! Hands down!!

Soooo yummmy!!! I’m a cookie snob! I usually only eat homemade cookies, never store bought. Not worth the calories but I had this gourmet cookie handed to me on a first class upgrade & had to ask the flight attendant for another one:)!!

Nancy Gardner
Oh yum!!

I wish you could make this into one of your full size breakfast cookies! It is unbelievably delicious!! This flavor is tied for my favorite with chocolate peanutbutter!

Vicki Robinson
Excellent cookie

I love them.

Ann W
Some very good cookies!

These cookies while being different are very good. The berries compliment the hint of lemon with just the right bit of sweetness!