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Get 4 Breakfast Cookies Free!

Try 4 Breakfast Cookies of your choice - just pay shipping!

It's Not Just a Cookie... It's a Meal!®

Life's not slowing down and you still want to eat healthy... we get it! That's why we bake our Breakfast Cookies with simple, whole food ingredients for life on-the-go.

We like to think of them as a portable bowl of oatmeal - no spoons or bowls needed! 

Whole Grain  |  Fruit Sweetened  |  Nothing Artificial  |  Non-GMO

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Yum yum!

Very good cookies. I loved them for an easy breakfast with my coffee, or to have in my purse for a quick nibble. Easy, easy.

Moist & Tastes Great!

My one deduction of a star is due to sodium and sugar content however still a good grab on the go breakfast. I did reorder the 12 pack of sampler to try them all.


They are delicious and filling

Best tasting ever

I have tried several protein items and these are the best tasting. I love the texture, smell, and consistent overall look and feel of these. They are not hard and are quite filling.

My feelings on the flavors I've tried are "neutral"

I love the size of the cookies.
I love the "thickness" of the cookies.
I loved how they didn't crumble much.
However, I wish the flavors were a bit "stronger" I couldn't really taste the caramel or apple in the caramel apple cookie. I also tried the carrot cake one and didn't love it or hate it (not a big fan of carrot cake anyway. But didn't want to try the other flavors. I gave the rest to my mom. She didn't hate it.)
I didn't love the chocolate peanutbutter one.
The peanut butter one was my favorite (could use more "flavor" though) I'd definitely buy it- If I saw it in stores. In a small pack of 6. I like cookies and something that I can eat "quickly."
Overall, I'm glad I was able to try them for "free" and be able to pick the ones I wanted to try- the $5 shipping wasn't too bad.