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Breakfast Cookie | Peanut Butter 12ct

Peanut Butter... so hot right now!  That's why we made a Breakfast Cookie full of it. We only use REAL peanut butter made from whole ingredients to give you long-lasting, sustainable energy- and with double the plant protein this cookie is sure to become your favorite gym buddy.

Non-GMO | Fruit Sweetened | Vegan | Plant Protein

Includes a 12 pack of 3 oz. Breakfast Cookies

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

We love these. We freeze them. Its easy to grab a cookie, feel like your eating a tasty treat and it’s nutritious.
The mini’s are a great afternoon pick me up so that I dont reach for a candy bar or let myself get so hungry that when I get home I don’t eat everything in sight.
We have been ordering these breakfast cookies for at least 15 years. Thank you “Erin Baker” breakfast cookies for such a super product.

Awesome cookies!!

My sisters, nieces and nephew, my children and Mom starting eating these in 2002 and we ate them through 2007.
My sister lost her husband a couple of weeks ago. He was the kindest, most loving and humble man I have ever known. He was in our lives for 36 years, they were first loves and soulmates. Needless to say, this has been a devastating time for us.
I remembered these cookies and my fiancé ordered two 12 pack boxes for her and her 2 kids, ages 18 and 23.
The double chocolate and the peanut butter. They received them a week ago today and it brought my sister some comfort and solace. She eats one every day, as do the kids.
My sister likes to freeze hers and eat it in the morning with her coffee.
They are so healthy and nutritious and taste amazing. I wish I could afford to keep her supply up, but that is not possible. Perhaps a couple times a year... she remembers the pumpkin that you start selling in the fall... I hope you still sell those and they were a family favorite. Maybe I can place an order when those come out... if you still make them.
I just want to thank you for supplying such a fantastic product.
Warm Regards,
Robin Knoll

Hi Robin! We appreciate you and your family's love of our Breakfast Cookies. You can expect Pumpkin Spice in the fall this year so be sure to check our website when the time comes! Symone Customer Service

Breakfast Cookie | Peanut Butter 12ct

Breakfast Cookies

Ther customer service is always top notch and the product amazing. My fiancé and I love your Breakfast Cookies

Love these cookies!

My son is the pickiest eater ever! He will finally eat something b4 school! Thank you so much

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