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Breakfast Cookie | Banana Walnut 12ct

This Breakfast Cookie is BANANAS! Baked with fresh banana puree and crunchy walnuts, we've re-invented your favorite banana bread recipe to go anywhere with you!

Non-GMO | Fruit Sweetened | Vegan | Plant Protein

Recipe for Chia Seed Pudding with Cookie Crumbles

Includes a 12 pack of 3 oz. Breakfast Cookies

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Best tasting ever

I'm kind of stuck between these and the carrot cake being my favorite. I only would suggest making all the flavors in smaller packs for those that have a hard time picking one flavor to get a 12 pack of. Haven't tried toasting them but did microwave. I first did out of package and kind of dried them out. I then did inside the package with one end open and it's amazing. Reminds me of homemade bread.

Too high in Carbs & Sugars

An individual cookie exceeds the recommended daily amount a person should have and they are very high in carbs.


Excellent products deserve service - you’ve got it!

Tasty but slow

Cookies are great as always, but while my $100+ order was billed immediately, it took weeks to get them. I understand delays, but don’t bill me and not deliver for almost a month. At least if there is a problem, ship faster as opposed to cheaper. Even this survey says you shipped 14 days ago and we just received them about 5 days ago. I honestly thought they were lost in the mail it was taking so long.

Hey Lisa! I'm so sorry for the delay in your order, we'd like to make this right. I've sent you an email. Check your inbox for more info. Symone M.
Cookies Just Delivered 6/20/19

Order fulfilled 14 days ago per company. Order just delivered on June 20 at 3:27pm. I have not eaten any of the product yet.

Hi Viola! We're so sorry for the delay in your order! I sent you an email if you have any questions for us about your order please respond there. Have a great weekend, Symone M. Customer Service Erin Baker's

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