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Granola | Vanilla Almond Quinoa

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Nothing basic about this Granola! This subtle yet sophisticated blend of vanilla, almonds and quinoa is great on yogurt with fruit, milk or snacking straight from the bag.

Non-GMO  |  Gluten Free  |  Vegan

Recipe for Granola Applesauce Cake!

One 12 oz. resealable bag

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara D.
Basic stock to have on hand.

Erin's cookies are a basic stock to have on hand. Always ready for a treat or to cover a blood sugar drop when a meal is delayed. Her granola has been a standard in my kitchen for decades. So easy. So good.

Pamela Gardiner
Truly scrumptious!

Truly scrumptious! I couldn’t be happier with my vanilla almond quinoa granola! It’s delicious and satisfying. And the mailing of it was flawless. Thank you!

T. Allen
Vanilla Almond Quinoa

Your Vanilla Almond Quinoa is far and away my FAVORITE granola. Too bad it's so difficult to buy locally.

Happy customer
Excellent granola

Since I no longer live near a store with the granola I used to buy in bulk, I’m glad I found Erin Baker’s Vanilla Almond Quinoa Granola. Many granolas are too sweet, but this one is perfect! Now I’m happy again with my bowl of granola.

Nelly Belken
Vanilla Almond Quinoa

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