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Fruit & Nut Granola with fruit
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Granola | Bulk Fruit & Nut

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Packed with plump cranberries, California raisins, walnuts, and almonds with a hint of toasted coconut you'd think this Granola was a trail mix. Enjoy by the handful! 

Buy in Bulk for over 30% in savings, compared to individual bags!

Non-GMO  |  Vegan

Recipe for DIY Trail Mix

One 10lbs. box

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Customer Reviews

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Granola | Bulk Fruit & Nut

John todd
Glorious Granola

This granola is hard to beat. Loaded with fruit and nuts it lives up to its name and doesn’t disappoint. I used to buy it from A…..n but am happy to now receive it direct from Erin Bakers.

Tim McGowan

It’s as good as home made.

Jeff Bedingfield
Best granola ever

Best granola ever!

Michael Justin
Bulk Fruit & Nut

This granola hits the spot. It's light and toasty, crunchy but not chewy. Delicious with yogurt and fresh fruit, it fills me up and gives me the fuel I need to go. I am buying it both in bulk and on a schedule so my re-up is set to arrive automatically. Perfect.