Granola Honey Oat Clusters
Honey Oat Clusters topping acai smoothie bowl
Granola Honey Oat Clusters Nutritionals

Granola | Honey Oat Clusters

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Limited Edition Flavor

Looking for the perfect Granola to add to your morning smoothie or yogurt bowl? These honey kissed ancient grain clusters are packed with quinoa, flax seeds, buckwheat, and oats for a plant-based protein boost!

Plant-Based Protein

One 12 oz. resealable bag

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Customer Reviews

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Edna Richard

Love it

Best Erin Snack Ever !

The best snack i have eaten. March of 2019 i went through a digestive ordeal then on top of was told i am allergic to wheat,corn, peanuts (on top of my already fantail shelfish& pinenuts) i grew up with Italian food..imagine my chagrin! Paleo is my best fit now. The 'new favorite foods' search has been endless. This Homestyle Honey Oat Clusters just hit a home run in the Erin snack world! 🌟

Dana Doyle
Awesome granola

Delicious, not too sweet and nice pieces, not just crumbs

lisa lott

Granola | Honey Oat Clusters

Mary Elizabeth
Terrific granola!

I have been having trouble getting this wonderful granola into my breakfast yogurt, as I have been eating it straight from the bag as a delicious snack. Please add it to your regular line-up; it is too good to be just a limited edition offering.