Breakfast Cookie Double Chocolate 12 pack
Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookie in Car
Breakfast Cookie Double Chocolate being toasted
Breakfast Cookie Double Chocolate Nutritionals

Breakfast Cookie | Double Chocolate 12ct

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Treat yourself! We've combined decadent cocoa with delicious chocolate chunks to give you double the chocolate experience for breakfast.  It's our #1 flavor for a reason!

Non-GMO | Vegan | Plant Protein

Includes a 12 pack of 3 oz. Breakfast Cookies

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Customer Reviews

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Always great and so convenient! Doing something good for yourself every time you eat one.

Keri Clark
My daughter has grown up on these!

As I grew up on bowls of cereal, my daughter grew up on Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies. She's healthy and smart. What else can I ask for? Well...I'd love to be able to purchase them in person again. Online ordering takes extra long for being in the same town.

Angie Keeran
Double chocolate

Can't live without these!!!

sally s
My favorite cookie!

I would love to eat more of these cookies, but they are high in carbs and I am diabetic. As a treat I have one of these for breakfast occasionally, which puts me over my carb allowance for the breakfast meal! They are delicious but I don't eat as many as I would like to. If you could just get the carbs down!

Lindsay V
Great quick meal

I have two active and busy tweens. The breakfast cookie is a quick and easy meal to give them between school and activities. I feel good giving my kids a healthy option that will give them energy for hours!