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Erin Baker's Team

Erin Baker's® is filled with passionate, hardworking individuals!

Erin Baker

Erin Baker

Chief Executive Officer

I am fortunate to have a very talented and smart mom who also happens to be a real foodie. I spent my childhood observing my mom doing it "old school," growing food of all kinds and then canning, drying and preserving for eating all year long. There was a constant bowl of whole wheat bread dough rising on the heater vent along with passionate conversation about the difference between whole food and refined processed food and why we don't eat "that margarine crap." I learned about the high value of whole foods and the absence of value in refined and processed foods.

I lived in San Francisco Bay Area in my early teens and 20's where I was inspired and educated by talents the likes of Alice Waters, Bradley Ogden and Emily Luchetti. They celebrated the importance of whole foods and demonstrated how to cook and bake with whole foods with wild success, this was in the 80's... they were onto something! Exposure to this genius left me determined to cultivate my own brand of success.

I believe in my products like we believe in our kids... with all of my heart. And... I am just getting started.

Rob McCormack

Rob McCormack

Chief Operating Officer

Family, community, getting outside, and quality eats are my priorities. Building brands that add value to people's day to day lives is a passion of mine. Providing nutritious food to "at risk" youth through our Help Feed 1 Million Kids Program is my cause. Snowboarding, paddling, fly fishing, wood working, smoking meats and growing food are my hobbies. I hoard our Homestyle Peanut Butter Granola and Peanut Butter Chocolate Breakfast Cookies in my cupboard. As much as I love all the above, I equally dislike bad acoustics, the word Binder, mackerel, traffic and artificial flavoring.


Dawn Urness

Vice President of Operations

Being a Bellingham native, I love being able to work for a local company. I've been at Erin Baker's forever (since 2000) and have done just about everything. My current role? Keeping all the plates spinning!

I love coming to work every day - really! The people that I get to work with are amazingly devoted, super compassionate and have persevered through some tough times. I tell you, it's all about the people you surround yourself with. And to top it off we get to make really yummy stuff - who wouldn't love working here?!

My Erin Baker's fav? After 15 years I still eat a Breakfast Cookie almost every day and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk tops my list! 


Michael Flittie

Chief Information Officer

Why Erin Baker's: At this season of my career, I enjoy getting to work for a company that doesn’t take short cuts, and does the right thing… by customers, employees, and the community where we live.

Real Age: Not 26.

Favorite Vacation Place: Right here at home in Whatcom County, WA. How many people can say they can snowboard in the morning and waterski in the afternoon of the same day?

Family Member to Cat Ratio: 1:1. Now if we could just get them out on the boat with us!

Favorite Erin Baker's Product: Endurance Crunch Granola – yummy, and satiating!


Blayde Lawson

Director of Production

I was born in Bellingham at a very young age and have been a Whatcom County resident ever since. I guess you could say I like to live on the edge, the edge of the couch that is, watching movies with my amazing wife, Rebecca, and our dog, Marty McFly. I eat way too much refined sugar (don't tell Erin!). Oh, and I'm an avid Ping-Pong enthusiast Master. I can even play with one hand behind my back.

I've devoted my life and career towards developing the following necessary skills required to be an effective Production Director:

  • Solving two Rubik's cubes simultaneously (one in each hand)
  • Running faster than anyone else on my softball team
  • Whistling at an obnoxiously high pitch
  • Walking really long distances in really long amounts of time

I am proud to be a part of this great company. The people I get to work with and the collaborative environment are something really special. Erin Baker's is growing fast and if my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 MPH you're gonna see some serious sh**!

Favorite Erin Baker's product: Gingerbread Breakfast Cookie, hands down!


Bill Bohn

Production Floor Manager

After seeing the world with the Navy, I came home to Washington over thirty years ago where I graduated from the UW. Working at Erin Baker's™ is truly an answered prayer. The people here are so incredibly brilliant, inspiring and loving. When not helping create delicious wholesome food, my better half, Lyn and I enjoy mini vacations, clever home projects, container gardening, crabbing, trout fishing and so much more. The outdoor activities here are so plentiful. From the perfect snow of Mount Baker to the fun runs in Fairhaven, I am never without a great day!

My favorite product is always changing! Most recently, I've been enjoying Erin's Peanut Butter Chocolate Breakfast Cookies toasted lightly to release the banana aroma and melt the chocolate chips. Yum!



David Keeler

Quality Assurance Manager

I am an East-Coast transplant that was grabbed by the Pacific Northwest during a visit to the area in 2014. One year later the cross-country move was complete. Bellingham is an ideal place for my wife and I (and our two dogs) to grow as a family. Access to the outdoors, Earth-conscious communities, and smoked salmon are what drew us here. Working to ensure our products exceed our customers’ standards is my day job at the bakery. By night you can find me trail side with the dogs or my mountain bike, streamside with a fly rod, or street side around town pursuing the best smoked meats and fried starches available.

Answering the question of what my favorite product is would be akin to describing my favorite type of music – it varies depending on timing and situation! For early morning breakfasts on the go I’m partial to Carrot Cake or Fruit & Nut Breakfast Cookies. A mid-morning snack at my desk between meetings lends well to a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookie with the 3rd or 4th cup of coffee of the day. For an afternoon pick-me-up and fuel for the after work pursuits I’m going for Coconut Chia Homestyle Granola or Peppercorn Sprouted Snacks. It’s all good!


Jessie Lohrmeyer

Accounts Receivable Manager

I grew up here in Whatcom County and feel so fortunate to have found a company I love working for in the town I never want to move away from. When I'm not here at the bakery I'm usually spending time with my family and 2 adorable dogs, Lucy and Olive. Other things that help fill up my time is traveling, reading a LOT of books, and a never ending list of home improvement projects.

My favorite Breakfast Cookie is and always will be the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk.



Nicole Koelling

Brand Manager

I moved to Bellingham from Seattle to attend Western Washington University where I receive my degree in marketing. I fell in love with Bellingham and have refused to leave ever since! I enjoy spreading the word about healthy eating and engaging with our customers on a personal level.

After hours I can be found working on my yard, completing house projects, entertaining my dog and two cats or on the couch (my favorite spot, if I ever find time!).

I've had too many Breakfast Cookies to count and my favorite every morning is still Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk.


Kirsty Trezise

Operations Administrative Assistant

Born and raised in New Zealand. I have moved around a bit and now call Bellingham home. I like to see new places and experience different foods. Hiking, Baking/Cooking and Candle making are all activities I enjoy.

My current breakfast go-to is a Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookie.  


Carll Ann Strader

Accounting Dept

When I moved to Bellingham from Seattle for a job, more than 20 years ago, I thought I would be here for a couple of years and then move back to the city, as you can tell that never happened! I love living in Whatcom County. It’s just so beautiful here in all seasons! So many places to explore, whether it’s outside or inside.

When I get the chance, heading to the beach is always a favorite, whether, it’s Birch Bay or Waimea Bay, I like them all. Other things I enjoy… coffee, music and traveling as much as possible, not necessarily in that order.

My favorite Erin Baker's product right now is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Breakfast Cookie. Although now that I have joined the fun team here at Erin Baker's, I have also become a big fan of the Double Chocolate Homestyle Granola, yummy!


Symone Maruyama

Customer Experience Coordinator

Originally from Portland, OR, I escaped to Bellingham in 2016 with my husband to enjoy the natural beauty of a quieter city. I enjoy walking around Fairhaven, downtown and the many trails we have around town. Cooking and learning about health and wellness are my passions. I’m so excited to be a part of a company that shares my values and works so hard to make healthy eating easier!

My favorite Erin Baker’s granola is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola. But ask me again next week and I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind.





Mia Tocas

Mia Tocas

Retail Customer Service

Originally from Montana, I’m a Midwest transplant establishing new roots in the PNW with my boyfriend, Marcus, and our dog, Doobie. I moved here to attend school at Western Washington University and hope to pursue a career in Marketing.

After hours you can often catch me playing guitar on my couch, listening to podcasts, hanging out with my dog, or taking advantage of Bellingham’s abundance of hiking trails.

My favorite Erin Baker’s product changes frequently but as of now, Fruit & Nut Homestyle Granola is definitely at the top of my list!