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Breakfast Cookie | Peanut Butter Chocolate 12ct

Step aside PB&J we've got a new combo that will blow your taste buds off!  This Breakfast Cookie is mixed with big ol' chocolate chunks and creamy peanut butter to give you double the plant protein so you can own the day!

Non-GMO | Fruit Sweetened | Vegan | Plant Protein

Includes a 12 pack of 3 oz. Breakfast Cookies

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great for on the go and snowboard days!

These have become a staple in our home for snowboarding days and on the go school mornings when we are rushed! I feel like I’m giving my kids something more healthy than it would be if we didn’t have them! Thanks for creating a great, healthy, delish product!

On Line order

While I wish local stores did a better job of keeping your product in stock, ordering on line was pretty painless. There is an issue with you when you flood stores with large amounts of seasonal flavors, which causes them to almost completely remove your regular flavors. It would be nice if you could decrease your shipping time and include tracking in your shipment email.

While I give your product, in this case, my favorite, Peanut Butter Chocolate 5 stars, the over all experience is 3 stars due to your sla and lack of tracking.

Fell free to contact if you need any clarification or have any questions.

Hi Thomas! Thank you for your review. Please check your email for our reply. I hope we were able to address your concerns! Thank you, Symone M. Customer Service
Just like Mom used to make only with more vitamins

I first encountered Aaron's Baker's breakfast cookies in college. They became a staple in my rucksack for a quality on the go breakfast. Unlike most energy bars Erin Baker's breakfast cookies actually taste like a cookie, especially when you put them in the toaster and warm them up. Not to mention they are made with quality ingredients. The peanut butter chocolate tastes exactly as expected just like one of Mom's peanut butter chocolate cookies except with more vitamins and minerals :-). He's breakfast cookies are a fantastic way to start the day and make sure that I get to have a well-balanced breakfast even on the go. I will definitely be ordering more as soon as this box runs out, I'm a huge fan of these breakfast cookies I'm pretty sure they have a customer in need for Life.


Breakfast Cookie | Peanut Butter Chocolate 12ct

Long time customers

Been eating these cookies for years and they are good and filling. Wish they still had a couple of our favorite flavors but we eat a lot of the Peanut Butter ones.

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