Your Summer Full Body Outdoor Workout

There’s no better time to work on your summer bod than outdoors in that gorgeous summer sun! No weights, no equipment? No problem!  I’ve developed a full- body summer workout that you can do in your front yard, at the park, or wherever your favorite outdoor spot may be!

Summer Full Body Workout

 Warm Up

Start with good ol’ fashioned Burpees as a warm up! 
You’re going to do one set of 15-20 (depending on your fitness level) just to get your heart rate up and your body moving.


This is a full body workout that targets various muscle groups throughout the body through resistance training!  You’re going to repeat this routine three times through!  If you need to take a break or grab some water, try to wait until you’ve completed the full routine instead of taking breaks between each exercise.  This will help keep your heart rate up and increase the efficiency of the workout!

Side Plank Crunches (15 each side)
Walking Lunges (12 out, 12 back)
Push-Ups (10 reps)

Modifications: There’s no question- push-ups can be challenging!  If you’re new to this activity try starting out by doing push-ups on your knees instead of the balls of your feet!
BONUS: If there’s a bench nearby you can easily modify your push-ups to be harder or easier!

Easier: Place hands on the bench and perform incline push-ups.
Harder: Place feet on the bench and perform decline push-ups.

Scissor Kicks (15 reps)
Glute Bridges (15 reps) 

Hill Sprint Diagram

After you’ve worked your muscles with the resistance program take a few minutes to grab water, rest and get ready to finish off with some Cardio!  Hill Sprints are great way to build speed, power, and increase fat loss.

If you’re new to sprinting, or if there’s no hill near your favorite outdoor workout spot you can modify these by simply doing sprints on flat ground.  If possible, find a grass or dirt area to sprint on, which is easier on your knees than sprinting on pavement. 

Find a distance of about 10-50 yards depending on your personal fitness level.  You’re going to do a total of 7 sprints, resting for about a minute in between each sprint.  Make this an active rest- stay standing and walk around to keep warm during the rest period. 

Tips for sprinting form:

  • Keep torso straight and head in line with spine
  • Bend your elbows 90 degrees and use your arms powerfully yet smoothly  as you sprint
  • Keep face and neck relaxed
  • Keep your strides short and quick when you start, you can lengthen the strides as you get up to speed
  • Use the front of your foot/ toes to contact the ground as your run.


Don't forget to drink plenty of water after the workout, and eat a protein rich snack!

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Jess Raper
Customer Service/ NASM-Certified Personal Trainer 


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