What Motherhood Means To Real Moms

Stories from Mother’s to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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On a day when we normally celebrate our mother’s and grandmother’s with flowers and breakfast in bed we wanted to go beyond the gifts and share about what motherhood has meant to real Moms. There’s no doubt that it can be messy and challenging but it can also be a fun and exciting journey that completely changes your life for the better. For many of us, our relationship with our mother’s is the most cherished of all but it can be easy to lose sight of their experience and everything they do for us. To get a real glimpse into what Motherhood really is, we asked some women in our extended Erin Baker’s Family: What does motherhood look like for you?

Whether you’re an aunt who spends every day after work helping your nephew with homework, a grandma who raises your grand kids as your own, an adoptive parent, or a volunteer who fills in as Mom for anyone who needs it, we want every Mom to know how appreciated they are not only on Mother’s day, but every day of the year. We all know it’s an important job so we hope these little stories will help you remember that too!

Claire & Cam

claire and cam

Crazy how much YOU can change from such a tiny human being entering your life. 

Yes, your life changes... the laundry room becomes your hangout spot, there are plenty of changing table visits, always dishes to do, going for a simple walk feels like a major life accomplishment, and the days go by in a flash.

What’s even crazier than your life changing though, is how YOU change. You no longer feel like you have control. You realize how impatient, tired, and cranky you can be. Having it “all together” is pretty laughable. You also become more weird, trying to get baby to laugh at all costs...(maybe that’s just me 😂). You also realize how DEEPLY you need a Savior. Someone who IS in CONTROL. Someone who NEVER gets tired, cranky or impatient. Someone who ALWAYS has it ALL together. 🙌🏼 Thank you Jesus, that YOU have it all together. That You hold each of us just like I’m holding Cameron. We don’t have to be perfect. You are perfect. 

So yes, having a baby does change your life. But more importantly, it changes YOU.

You can find Claire on Instagram at @secretlyhealthyhome, join her and Cam for some awesome recipes and delicious healthy food inspiration!

Nicole & Rylen

Nicole and Rylen

Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is tiring. Motherhood is painful. Motherhood is smiles, giggles, first moments, milestones, hugs & kisses, and love. Watching my toddler grow and develop her own personality has been the most amazing thing and I look forward to empowering her with all the skills needed to take on this crazy world.

I also realized that I don't take enough pictures with this whirl-wind of a child! (She must only hold still when she's eating!)

Nicole is our Brand Manager here at the Bakery, gracefully balancing life as a working Mom!

Eva & Madi

Eva and Madi

It’s a completely different life spectrum. Holy moly. The day my pregnancy test popped up positive, I didn’t know how to feel.

I was overjoyed.
I was anxious.
I was scared.
I was overwhelmed.
I was surprised.
I was all sorts of emotions.

I was a ball of emotions.
Shortly after we found out we were expecting, my anxiety escalated when we started inching closer and closer to Matthew‘s deployment. We calculated the length of his deployment and sadly faced the fact that he was going to miss the birth of our first baby. HOW can you mentally prepare for that? You truly can’t. We said our goodbyes a few months after we found out the exciting news. You never really know HOW to feel or WHAT you’re getting into, until you’ve got to put on your “Mom shoes.” I was an absolute crying mess for the first two weeks after Matthew deployed and questioned myself way too often. 

“Am I ready to be a Mom?”
“What if I don’t know what to do when X,Y,Z happens?”
“Do I ask for help?”
“I don’t think I can do this by myself... Home alone? I can’t do this?”

I don’t know if y’all have been there, but I just want you ladies to know that: you WILL be okay. Everything in life is a learning experience and no one is prepared for anything, let alone being a first-time mother. We’re hard on ourselves. We feel defeated at times. We think we aren’t good enough. We overthink.

It’s not a walk in the park, that’s for sure. It’s having confidence in yourself, juggling work and family, making time for self care, and teamwork (to all you single mama’s out there, you’re a freaking rockstar). But, seeing our little ones growth brings happiness. SO MUCH HAPPINESS. We grow graciously through trial and error. We aren’t perfect. But this life season is OURS. Our babies see us for who we are (the best mama EVER) and trust us with their whole heart. We’ve got this, and remember, you are never alone.

Eva is now expecting her second daughter, follow her healthy journey on Instagram @HealthfullyBalancedMama

Moms deserve more than just a day to feel appreciated for everything they do for us! We hope this inspires you to hug (or facetime) the mothers in your life on Mother’s Day and every day!

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