10 Lifesaving Thanksgiving Hacks

As fun and delicious as Thanksgiving is, we've brought you our favorite hacks to make your Thanksgiving the easiest & tastiest one yet.  From turkey tips to dessert transport, we've got all you need to know in the guide below. 

Thanksgiving Table

Even if you're not hosting Thanksgiving and simply going to a 'Friendsgiving' there's no doubt that the pressure is ON when it comes to the food. Sometimes it's not necessarily the food that's hard to make but getting it there and making sure it arrives hot that is more of a concern! Follow these tips to a calm and tasty Thanksgiving! 

  • B.Y.O.T- Bring your own Tupperware, makes it easy to bring home any leftovers!
  • Clean Refrigerator- Free up some space in your fridge so you have extra space for prep & left overs! 
  • Slow Cookers - Perfect for keeping your side dishes warm without crowding up the oven.  
  • Turkey Roaster- Cooking your turkey in a roaster not only frees up oven space, but also keeps the turkey warm until you're ready to carve & serve! 
  • Perfect Turkey - Be sure to brine your turkey to make it moist & delicious. When you brine your turkey the salt dissolves some of the proteins while the sugar and spices are absorbed into the meat. 
  • Gravy Hack- Use a thermos to keep your gravy hot until everything is ready and then pour it into gravy boats. You can also boil water and pour them into your gravy boats to warm them and then dump out the water when you're ready to fill! 
  • Cranberry Sauce- Make your own cranberry sauce ahead of time, it's easier than you think and one less thing to worry about on the day! Try this recipe from Cookie & Kate. 
  • Sour & Salty - Also a tip from Samin's book! Since Thanksgiving foods are normally filled with salt this can often make foods all taste the same. Some tips: Add sour cream to the mashed potatoes, a splash of white wine to the gravy, add white wine soaked prunes to stuffing & drizzle brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar! 
  • Nutritious Veggies- Cooking your vegetables in salt can help preserve the nutrients and flavor! 
  • Dessert - Transport pies & desserts in either a deep stock pot or a box with newspaper to keep the dish from sliding around. 

What's your Thanksgiving hack? 

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