Say Hello to our New Blue Bike™ Sprouted Snacks!

A Savory Seed & Nut Mix

If you've poked around our website recently, you might have noticed a new product line. We've been in the kitchen experimenting with tasty spices and ingredients and we're so excited to introduce you to Blue Bike™ Sprouted Snacks!

So what is Blue Bike?

It's a nutritious on-the-go snack packed with whole food ingredients like, protein-filled nuts and sprouted seeds seasoned with only fresh spices. By using sprouted seeds, the protective outer barrier is broken down, making the seeds easier for us to digest. Plus, the action of sprouting increases the amount and availability of vitamins and minerals in the seed, making it even more of a nutritional powerhouse!

Blue Bike Sprouted Snacks Group

Curious about the name?

Well, it's actually a tribute to the beginning of my bakery. Back in 1996, I wanted to change the way people ate breakfast with the Breakfast Cookies I baked and delivered around Bellingham, WA. The cookies soon become so popular that I needed a commercial oven, but I had a difficult time getting a loan from the bank. So, I sold my car and delivered baked goods on my vintage blue bike - now that same bike is on display at my bakery over 20 years later. Dedication, healthy habits, and trust in growth: these are the seeds of Sprouted Snacks. 

Blue Bike is available in five flavors including Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, Sriracha, Peppercorn and Coconut Curry. You can purchase these snacks line online at and select retailers nationwide. If you try Blue Bike Sprouted Snacks, please leave a comment or tag us in a picture on social media using #erinbakers - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Also, be sure to check out our infograph below explaining why you should switch to sprouted and get more from what you eat with Blue Bike Sprouted Snacks!

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Blue Bike Sprouted Snacks Infograph