I Fell in Love in France!

I was blessed to celebrate Christmas and New Year's in France this year. I knew I was going for the art, fashion, architecture, history and the cafes... but what I was not expecting was the sumptuous experience of local, organic food gathered and foraged by our hosts! We gathered for meals around 8pm and they lasted upwards of 4 hours. There is an emphasis on the flow of the gathering, each course singular in its freshness and preparation. The tempo is leisurely... lingering in each course as if to stretch out the warmth, laughter, tastes and aromas.

Oysters shucked just before dinner... gathered the day prior down by the sea shore just a few miles away. Typically I am not a big fan of oysters... but I am NOW! Fresh and local makes for succulent and melt in your mouth oysters. We enjoyed these with Champagne of course!

Shucked Oysters for Dinner

Escargot with a garlic parsley butter, hand foraged by our hosts in the French Alps... what a delicacy! I also didn't think I would care for escargot... amazing... simply amazing.

Erin Eating Escargot

Hiking in the Alps... where the escargot are foraged.

Erin Hiking in the Alps

The moral of this love story is... that when we slow down and become more mindful of experiencing the wonderment of each course, sip of champagne and word of dinner conversation we tap into a deeper more vibrant experience. O I fell in love in France... and it was with the FOOD!

Any meal time is an opportunity to show reverence for the food we have prepared and for the people we share it with. Slow down, set the table with a few favorite things and fall in love!

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