Healthy Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Make Your Own Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches Easily with a Breakfast Cookie Mini

These Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are a fun & easy way to beat the heat this July. Not to mention, the extra good-for-you ingredients in the Breakfast Cookie Minis you're using for the crust! Switching out a traditional cookie for our Minis adds a source of whole grains, protein and fiber to your summer treat... that kiddos won't event notice. What mom wouldn't love that?

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

This summer recipe is perfect for all ages and a great opportunity to get kids involved in the kitchen. Bring these as a delicious dessert to a backyard BBQ or as a cake alternative for kids birthday parties. Mix it up by adding a chocolate drizzle, chocolate chips or some crunchy Homestyle Granola to the outside of your ice cream sandwich. 

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe



  1. Take one Peanut Butter Mini and top with vanilla ice cream
  2. Optional: drizzle melted chocolate or chocolate syrup
  3. Place second cookie on top to make an ice cream sandwich
  4. Enjoy!

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