Halloween Cookie Cake Pops Recipe with Breakfast Cookie Minis and Grain Free Better Cookies

Fun & Easy Halloween Decorated Cookie Recipe and Great Ideas for How to Do Halloween during a Pandemic

Mummy Pumpkin Decorated Cake Pops

What’s your favorite Halloween treat? When we were little Reese’s were the most coveted find of the season. My Dad would quickly take all the Mounds and Almond Joy bars from our trick or treat bags, and the sweethearts seemed to always end up in the trash. I think it’s safe to say everyone had a favorite Halloween snack growing up. The classics will always hold special memories but nowadays I’m more likely to make a homemade treat for Halloween. There are so many fun Halloween inspired recipes like these Halloween Popcorn Balls, Dirt and Worms or our Chocolate Dipped Cookie Cake Pops! Halloween treats are all about bright colors and spooky cute characters which makes them fun to make and fun to eat.

If you want to turn your favorite cookies into your own little characters for Halloween, the steps could not be simpler to follow! You can find microwaveable chocolate melts online or at your local craft store. They come in a variety of colors perfect for pumpkins, mummies, witches and more. Or you can also use all white chocolate and add food dye to get the perfect colors. Simply melt the chocolates on the defrost setting in the microwave for 1 -3 minutes and then you are ready to start decorating. You can truly dip and decorate any of your favorite snack items if they pair well with chocolate. We used our Grain Free Better Cookies and Breakfast Cookie Minis because they are the perfect size! The added chocolate brings a holiday-worth sweetness to these healthy snacks. You can decorate pretzels, fresh fruit, marshmallows or rice krispie treats the same way depending on what your family likes to snack on.

Grain Free Decorated Cake Pop Cookie

If you want a smoother finish with your chocolate, try adding a teaspoon of canola oil to the chocolate. They will take longer to dry but will be easier to apply and spread. We used a spoon to spread chocolate on our cookies and they turned out great! We used a thicker icing but would suggest using something with a fine tip to make things a bit easier to add smaller details like eyes, mouths, and scars. The small tubes of icing you can find at the grocery store would be perfect for these. Even easier you can purchase candy eyeballs to bring your characters to life!

If your decorated cookies are crunchy or crumbly use a dollop of chocolate melt to attach a stick to your cookies. Soft cookies should be easy enough to just slide the stick into the center!  Fair warning, covering both sides fully with chocolate melts may result in a too-sweet treat. Stick to one decorated side and keep the side facing down bare. Whether you are doing traditional trick or treating or staying in for the night these cookies will be a hit!

Halloween recipes have never been more important. With many people opting out of traditional trick or treating in the name of safety and social distancing, the time is right to make new traditions for your kids. If you are still unsure how your Halloween will look this year, we have a few fun ideas below on how to celebrate 2020 style.

Decorated Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookie Cake Pops Recipe

Tools & Ingredients:

  • 12 Cookies (Use Better Cookies for small bites and Breakfast Cookie Minis for larger treats!)
  • Candy Melts or Make Your Own Melted Chocolate
  • Mug or Small Bowl (1 for each color of Candy Melts Color)
  • Microwave
  • Candy Eyeballs
  • Icing in tubes
  • Parchment Paper
  • Popsicle or Cake Pop Sticks
  • Canola Oil (optional)


  1. Set your parchment paper on a flat surface and unwrap all of your cookies. Following the instructions on your candy melts use the defrost setting on your microwave to warm them until they are a smooth consistency. For a smoother finish, add 1 tsp of canola oil per half cup of chocolate melts to thin out the candy melt mixture.
  2. Using a spoon, butter knife or small spatula cover each cookie with the desired color. Use Orange for Pumpkins, White for ghosts and mummies or any color you’d like! Leave them on the parchment paper to harden for at least 30 minutes. If you are adding any sprinkles or candy eyeballs be sure to add them before the candy melts set.
  3. Once dry, use icing to draw on any faces or lines to complete the look of your characters. If you want to add sticks to your cookies, place a dollop of candy melt on the back of your cookie and place the stick on the chocolate. Allow to dry for an additional 30 minutes.
  4. Store in an airtight container until you’re ready to serve!

Ideas for a COVID Friendly Halloween

2020 Halloween

Host a Digital Costume Contest

With normal parties and outings being cancelled, use the power of the internet to get the most out of your Halloween. What better way to keep the Halloween spirit alive by inspiring your family and friends to put all they’ve got into their costumes this year for a virtual party. Dress to the nines and compete for prizes or points with friends and family no matter how far they live! Think Halloween Bingo, Pumpkin carving contests, Charades, or even a dance party.

Take a Candy Bowl or Candy Chute

Build a tunnel from your house to your driveway or the end of your stairwell so you can still deliver candy to the monsters and Elsa’s strolling through the neighborhood. Carson Daly shared this awesome DIY 6 foot tube for his trick or treaters. Of course, you may still need to take extra precautions like wearing gloves to keep things clean! Alternatively, you can leave a bowl at the bottom of the stairs and have kids grab candy on the honor system.

halloween chute

At Home Trick or Treating

How many doors do you have in your house? Set up each room in your house with a candy bowl for the safest trick or treating experience possible! You can run from room to room as your kids trick or treat through your house, giving a new kind of candy, snack or toy with each stop! This would probably work best with a teammate especially if your house is multiple stories. If you want help slowing your kids down give them a map to follow to guide them through each stop, that way you have time to get to your next room (and even switch costumes!)

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Another perfectly safe option is to give your kiddos an interactive experience in your house and yard. Hide glow in the dark pumpkin “eggs” like you would for Easter. They still get to collect candy and dress up for a night of fun.

Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting is great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Whether you do it with the kids or with your friends, its easier than carving and allows for more creativity. The best paint to use is acrylic since they wont crack and come in a large variety of size for relatively low cost. You can use stencils or free hand any design you’d like!

pumpkin painting

Have a Happy Halloween!

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