Erin Baker's Non-GMO Commitment

Erin Baker’s is committed to using simple, whole food ingredients that are Non-GMO Project Verified. By emphasizing transparency, we give our customers a choice in the type of food they want to consume.

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It’s always best to know the ingredients that comprise the food you’re eating. By paying attention to the ways in which agriculture impacts our environment, we can ensure that future generations have enough biodiversity to thrive. Now that the global community is emphasizing sustainability, each individual can make more informed decisions about the products they buy. Make the conscious decision to use your purchasing power to demonstrate support for companies that align with your personal preferences – you can make a difference by voting with your dollar.

Are you wondering what GMO means? This acronym refers to genetically modified organisms that have transgenic characteristics. GMO crops have been artificially manipulated in a laboratory for reasons that do not follow the natural life cycle of a plant.1 GMOs were first introduced in crops when “Calgene’s Flavr Savr tomatoes were modified to include a DNA sequence that inhibited production of a natural tomato protein, increasing the firmness and extending the shelf life of the Flavr Savr variety” (Rangel, 2015).2 From there, GMOs were used to make crops easier to cultivate, produce pesticides, resist herbicides, or increase nutritional value.

No matter which types of food you prefer to eat, Erin Baker’s transparency of our ingredients gives customers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. From the claims on our packaging, it is apparent that instead of artificial ingredients we use whole grains, fruit, nuts, and seeds. We have products for gluten-free diets, vegans, and people that simply need nutritious on-the-go food options... even our UPC is inspired by our favorite ingredient…oats! By purchasing any of our products you not only contribute to our Help Feed 1 Million Kids Program, but also show that you support businesses that mindfully monitor the origin of their ingredients.

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In order to meet the Non-GMO Project’s standard, companies must have systems in place for testing, traceability, segregation, formulation, labeling, and quality assurance. We closely adhere to these processes to ensure that our customers receive the best product made with high-quality ingredients. Do you want to know more about the non-GMO verification process? Click here to find out more!

Since 2012, the Non-GMO Challenge has brought awareness towards the importance of unadulterated food. Our products are here to help simplify your pledge with delicious Breakfast Cookies, Granola, and Blue Bike Sprouted Snacks. Can you identify all of the ingredients on our packaging?

non-gmo ingredients

Considering that transparency is the key to effective communication, we’re proud to provide products that use whole food ingredients without artificial flavoring. Each ingredient in our products is carefully selected for both quality and deliciousness. It’s not a fluke; we want our customers to enjoy what they’re eating while absorbing as many nutrients as possible. Because let’s be honest, why shouldn’t nutritious food taste good?

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