Back to School Healthy Eating Tips

Get Your Snack Arsenal Ready

As the relaxing summer days come to an end and the busy early mornings start to sound more familiar, eating healthy can feel like a challenge. Start this school season off right by ditching the sugary cereals and grabbing our nutrient dense, fruit sweetened Breakfast Cookies to keep your kiddos fueled during their day of learning.

Making sure kids get nutritious foods as they step out the door in the morning to rushing on the field after school can be easy and hassle-free! Our Breakfast Cookie Minis fit easily in lunch boxes, backpacks, and little hands so that you can feel good about what you give them. Teaching kids to eat wholesome foods with a purpose has never been easier, especially when its in the form of a cookie!

Peanut Butter Minis Baseball Snack

A great way to teach kids to choose healthy, wholesome food when they are at home is to create a snack station in your kitchen. Be sure to fill your snack station with different combinations of the five food groups: dairy, fruit, grains, protein and vegetables. Some great snack station ideas are: string cheese and grapes, hummus and cucumbers, celery sticks with peanut butter or a banana and yogurt combination. Breakfast Cookie Minis are also a great option for their snack station! They are filled with good carbohydrates and heart healthy oats for brain power and energy - so you can let them think they're getting away with something by having a cookie as a snack!

Breakfast Cookie Minis in Healthy Kids Lunch

How else are you prepping for back to school?

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