Sprouted Snacks Bulk Sea Salt
Sprouted Snacks Bulk Sea Salt Nutritionals

Sprouted Snacks Bulk Sea Salt | Blue Bike®

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Lightly toasted almonds, cashews, sprouted seeds, and whole grain oats tossed with flakes of sea salt for a delicious, hearty snack.

Buy in Bulk for over 60% savings, compared to individual bags!

Non-GMO  |  Gluten Free  |  Vegan

Recipe for Chocolate Covered Snacks!

One 10lbs. box

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Bulk Snacks? Heck Yeah!

The sea salt sprouted snacks have been a must have item in my pantry since the line first released. I always buy in bulk because they spare you all the packaging, by just giving you a single box. I really like this option because I get more snacks for my dollar than buying single bags. The packaging is huge for me because I am always trying to find ways to help the environment! And this way I can measure out the amount I want everyday as well, making more perfect snack portions.