Breakfast Cookie Double Chocolate 4 pack
Breakfast Cookie Double Chocolate being toasted
Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookie in Car
Breakfast Cookie Double Chocolate 4 pack Nutritionals

Breakfast Cookie | Double Chocolate 4 pack

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Double deliciousness in this 4 pack of Breakfast Cookies! We bake each double chocolate cookie with decadent cocoa and delicious chocolate chunks to give you double the chocolate experience for breakfast. It's our most popular flavor for a reason!

Non-GMO | Fruit Sweetened | Vegan | Plant Protein

Includes a 4 pack of 3 oz. Breakfast Cookies

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Consistent Mold

I bought 4 of these, two chocolate, one cinnamon apple and one peanut butter. I ate the first two without looking at them, but both the peanut butter and chocolate cookies has thin spiderweb like patches on it. Upon research it turned out to be mold. I regret eating the first two without looking at them. I will never buy these again and I suggest everyone inspect any packaged food they eat before eating it. We place to much trust in the market. Many of these companies are idea or marketing driven and do not know what they are doing in respect to quality.

Sharon Wood
Perfect Breakfast

I've been ordering Baker's Breakfast cookies for a few years now and I love them! I usually eat one mid-morning and I'm good to go until dinner. Peanut butter is my favorite!

Lilibeth Loumakis

bought these at Sprouts yesterday and this morning as I was eating them I looked down and see what looks like spider webs on it, then realized its mold! The product is not expired so wondering if there was some contamination issue during production. Anyway I took a picture and will try to return these today. I was disappointed that I bought these in case I forgot breakfast and now I'm so hungry :-(.Will probably not try these again as I'm not sure the of the quality i'll be receiving.

Hi Lili! Thank you for reaching out both here and via email in order for us to resolve this issue for you. If you have any other concerns we are always here to help.

Symone M

Laura Nunez

My favorite is the pumpkin spice cookie but I also love the double chocolate!! Great for a quick breakfast or snack.

Glenda Lewis
Love the yummy chocolate taste!

I have purchased Erin Bakers breakfast cookies for quite some time now. They are a quick and handy breakfast and taste great with coffee! I would tell you to try them, they are great for all ages. (I hide mine from the grandkids)I have tried several flavors and love them all!