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January 18, 2013

3 Easy Steps to Get More Fruit into Your Diet

My food epiphany came to me four years ago when I had to admit to myself that I was eating too much meat, packaged food, highly refined sugar and flour... I simply wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables. I had lots of legitimate arguments for why I was eating too much of this and not enough of that... but really in the end I am the only one who loses, so making excuses to myself was kind of...
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November 07, 2012

Nuts & Seeds for Life on the Go

When I'm on the go I'm looking for quick, easy, and nutrient dense foods. Nuts and seeds have been my go-to because they give my body what it needs in a compact form. Not only are these little guys jam-packed with nutrients, but they are a simple addition to any meal!
Start with just a few varieties and then branch out from there (as you know I like easy steps!). The main seeds that I use are Flax,...
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October 30, 2012

Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Guest post from our General Manager!
Over the past 12 years that I have worked for Erin I have learned quite a bit about healthy eating and how even small changes can make big differences. Even though I grew up with a Mom who wouldn't let us eat sugary cereals and always made sure there was a helping of vegetables and a glass of milk at dinner, as an adult I realize it could be more than that - and...
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September 19, 2012

My Secret to Salad & Life

I am not going to deny that life hasn't been a little hectic and stressful over the last couple of months. When life gets turned upside down a healthy diet can take a back seat to fast convenient food. Fortunately I am happy to say I have been relying heavily on my "Monster Chop Salads," in terms of convenience and health you can't get much better. Since changing my food, my life has changed in...
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April 02, 2012

Make at Home Easy Banana Smoothies

Smoothies are a big part of our food plan at home... Easy, Fast, and Portable! To think at one time I was uneducated on how to make a great smoothie! Sounds so funny to me now but what we don't know... we don't do. Creating a "base recipe" with ingredients that are readily available and affordable is the key to sustaining healthy eating habits. My base for smoothies is frozen bananas - they are...
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March 19, 2012

Kale... Amazing Kale!

Kale is a standard staple vegetable in my crisper drawer because it is simply too powerful to ignore. It's inexpensive, stores well, easy to grow and readily available in grocery stores. I heard about Kale years before I started eating it, like 'collard greens' it sounded like something that you find cooked until unidentifiable in some southern dish with bacon! I actually started feeding it to my...
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November 09, 2011

Quinoa Salad Recipe - A Quick & Easy Meal to Make at Home

Quinoa salad is one of my favorite quick and simple recipes that is packed with vitamins, protein, and antioxidants! I cook it at the beginning of the week and use it in everything from salads to soups to hot cereal!

Quinoa is a complete protein with all amino acids, and is a wonderful way to cut back on expensive meat and get more plant protein in your diet. Did you know that the average... View full article →
November 09, 2011

All Things Beets - Getting My Family to Like Beets

For this entry we are pleased to have Christine Destry from the Whatcom County Boys & Girls Clubs as a special guest blogger!

Beets get a bad rap. In fact, in my house, I am the sole lover of the beet. My husband turns his nose up, and my children follow suit. My son's favorite snarky comment on beets is, "That's not food; that's what food eats."

Sigh. The poor unloved beet…So, I am here to...
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October 17, 2011

5 Easy Tips to Eating Healthy

Change Your Food... Change Your Life!

1. Make the switch to Whole Grains!

One rule you can realistically standby is to make sure the FIRST ingredient in the product you are considering is WHOLE GRAIN. Stock your pantry with pasta, bread & pastries made with whole grains as first ingredient, switch from potato chips to whole grain corn tortilla chips & whole grain crackers.

2. Buy plain yogurt instead of sweetened!

Sweeten with a few drops maple syrup, jam or molasses, use small Tupperware container if you are on the go. You will be WAY more in control of your calories and yogurt can be used for creamy salad dressings, dipping sauces, smoothies, and baking. Plain yogurt is a staple pantry ingredient.

3. Prep your fruit and vegetables!

If it’s not easy…it won’t work. Wash and de-sticker fruit supply for the week and keep in a bowl by the front door…grab 3 pieces a day. Wash and (no need to peel) cut up carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, broccoli or snap peas, store in sandwich baggies so they are ready to go when it’s time to fly out the door.

4. Smoothie Bank!

The key to a great smoothie is frozen fruit. Keep a store of bananas, berries, apples, pears, peaches, grapes…whatever is in season and a good price. Wash, cut and freeze in freezer bags…don’t worry about the fruit sticking together…just give it a good bang on the counter and the fruit will break loose.

5. Treat Time…Ice Cream with the fixin's at home!

Stock low-fat vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt and your favorite additions like nuts, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies, frozen fruit, dried fruit…you get the idea. Let ice-cream soften and scoop ½ C onto cutting board and mix in your goodies. I use a small coffee cup or ramekin so I don’t serve myself TOO much! The point is you are in control and there is an average of 30-40% less calories if you do it yourself and control the calories!


Any questions? Ask me on FacebookTwitter or leave a Comment - I would love to hear from you!


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October 12, 2011

Smoothie 101

Smoothies have become a staple in my diet, I make them about twice a week. It's a delicious, efficient, easy and nutritious way to get a couple servings of fruit into my diet!
Step 1: Prep Fruit for "Smoothie Bank"
The key to having smoothies at the ready anytime is having a "Smoothie Bank" in your freezer. I find frozen bananas to be the key to a great smoothie. I buy bananas every week and I...
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