Q&A with Erin about The New Grain Free Better Cookie

Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy free…what’s the right way to eat? We believe the answer is different for everyone.

Better Cookie

Whether you’re trying to optimize your personal health, the health of the planet, or are eliminating certain food groups just for fun, we all have a different definition of the word healthy. Our new Salted Chocolate Cashew Better Cookie was made as a clean and indulgent treat for everybody no matter what your dietary choices or needs are. I sat down with Erin to find out what inspired her to make these delicious, chocolatey, soft-baked cookies and what exactly makes them better.

What does eating healthy mean to you?

Shortly after opening the bakery I developed an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis, which means that I have to be careful about what foods I eat and even the combination of foods I eat! Over the years I have had to say NO to A LOT of food …sorry Mom you can’t go heavy on the garlic anymore!

I don’t have any specific food intolerances but being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease has inspired me to make food that is both inclusive and nutrient dense so that everyone can have a better option for easy, on-the-go real food. For me healthy means including only whole foods ingredients and avoiding food with junk like chemical additives, flavorings, or preservatives. I like to eat food that has a purpose, I consider food in its whole form food with purpose. 

Better Cookie with ingredients

What is the Better Cookie made of?

Oh, I get to share about my new crush, Cassava Flour! This flour is gluten free, grain free, nut free, vegan and nutrient dense! The cassava plant comes from South America and parts of Asia and Africa, it is also known as yuca or manioc root. I have experimented with MANY different gluten free flours and mixes over the years, and cassava flour is the best 1 for 1 replacement I have come across! Like my beloved wheat flour, cassava is neutral in flavor, light and fluffy.

I also used some delicious whole food ingredients like “almond meal” which is ground almonds and “date paste” which is simply made of ground dates. I also use organic coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, cocoa, almond butter and cashew pieces to make this delicious cookie.

What about sweetener?

We have always used prune puree for our soft-baked Breakfast Cookies but for the Better Cookie I was looking for a more neutral flavor. I found the perfect combination with date paste and coconut nectar. Much like prunes, dates are a great source of fiber and antioxidants! Coconut nectar reminds me of the caramel taste of brown sugar but packs way less of a refined sugar punch… by the way, it’s low glycemic and a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron… giddy! 

chocolate cashew better cookies

What is Paleo? Why does it matter?

The basic concept of the paleo diet is to eat whole foods and avoid processed foods. Many people do have serious intolerance to grains and must go completely Grain Free.  I often find myself looking for grain free options when I buy packaged food to mix it up and to avoid overeating grains, gluten or nut flour. When you see the Paleo certification on products like the Better Cookie, you can rely on an authentic product that follows strict guidelines and has been certified. 

So, what Makes the Better Cookie Better?

The Better Cookie is exactly the kind of treat I would look for but wasn’t able to find, so I decided to create it for me and for you! I love the ingredients in of all our baked goods from oats and prune puree, to flax seeds and brown rice syrup. But the ingredients in the Better Cookie happen to be extra special because they are more inclusive. We offer gluten free granola, and most flavors of our oat-based Breakfast cookies are vegan friendly but what’s amazing about the Better Cookie is that it fits into more people’s diets. Our Better Cookie ingredients are clean, unprocessed and very nutritious. 

Better Cookie with almonds

Have more questions for Erin about the Better Cookie? Reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook @ErinBakers! Want to know how to get your hands on some - check it the Better Cookie product page.


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