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Almost Spring...

Right about now... mid February I really get the itch for spring to... Spring! Yesterday I pulled 3 pounds of potatoes out of my garden which I let winter over deep under the soil. The Garden gives even when it seems dormant. I started growing food just a few seasons ago and I have learned a lot by trial and error, unfortunately you have to wait a season to find out if you have an error or success! Where you live has everything to do with what you grow. My garden is about 1000 feet above sea level in the northwest corner of Washington... leafy greens, potatoes, carrots, beans and herbs... no problem! Tomatoes, peppers, melon... not so much! It's good to know these things so you don't waste time, energy and space growing something that will not bear a harvest.
This month I am getting a jump on planting, the last couple of growing seasons were very short and I planted too late to get an abundant harvest. I started growing food in pots on my deck and graduated to my garden a few years ago. If your only option is a windowsill or container garden this is great news... I think it's the best way to start!
I am a firm believer in the "don't bite off more than you can chew" school of thought. Successful gardening doesn't just happen... you learn from experience. Start by planting a few containers with leafy greens and herbs and if you have a warm sunny place try growing tomatoes too. You will find yourself visiting your garden frequently, inspecting the progress of your little seedlings realizing you have a deep connection with what you are growing.
Gone will be the days of throwing away rotten salad greens as you harvest them fresh each night! Your confidence will grow along with your garden and your wallet! Your enthusiasm and love of growing food will affect those around you as you brag about your growing garden! Gardening has been an integral part of changing my food and changing my life... let's make this season count together!
Any questions, comments or conversation?
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Keep it simple and easy... gather your garden ingredients easily in one place, in about one hour with minimal investment.
3 Easy Steps:
  1. Containers - These can be virtually any container that will hold soil, can drain and don't have harmful coatings. If you are unsure of your container line it with a plastic garbage bag.
  2. Soil - Buy potting soil in big bags and add an Organic All Purpose Vegetable fertilizer 2-3 times a growing season.
  3. Plant - If you want to spend less money plant from seed, if you want faster results plant starts. You can get both at most grocery stores and garden stores. Follow directions with seed or starts on package.
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