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Fearless in my Kitchen

I think we have all suffered at one point in our lives from the paralyzing question of "what's for dinner honey?" I say paralyzing because it is...well...paralyzing if you are not prepared. My particular form of paralysis was falling back on what's easy and fast... not necessarily healthy. I don't know about you but after an 8-10 hour day at the bakery the last thing I wanted to do was hit the grocery store at 5:30 with a recipe in my hand and then hope I can execute it flawlessly at home. A bad review of my herculean effort at 8pm on a work night... I am way too fragile for that!
After going through this for the first 6 years of marriage I decided I had enough. Paired with my own epiphany that I wasn't eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables... I was ripe for change. Committing to eating 6-9 serving of fruits and vegetables a day is simply the best foundation to grow from and should be EVERYONES basis for a healthy diet. And let's face it, this certainly narrows the menu choices... simplifying is just what I needed. My dream goal is to be "Fearless in my Kitchen" meaning if I keep simple, healthy ingredients stocked in my kitchen I know I can create a healthy, quick meal without the dreaded preparation! Just go on home, pour a glass of wine, survey my ingredients and start cooking... sounds like I live in Tuscany right?
I have 4 years under my belt eating 6-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day and this commitment has changed my life in so many ways. The more obvious are 20 pounds of lost weight, glowing skin, hair and nails, big increase in energy and I really crave fruit and vegetables more than I ever have. Now that my commitment is no longer a commitment but a lifestyle which comes very naturally, I can focus on being fearless in my kitchen.
This brings me to my final point and question for you...
Do you want to be fearless in your kitchen? Whip up healthy meals effortlessly and manage your kitchen like a pro? This is what my long anticipated "Change Your Food... Change Your Life" VLOG will be all about. You haven't seen anything like this I am sure. Ideas, techniques and concepts so simple you will commit them to memory fast and apply across your spectrum of recipes. I am building my set and will be up and filming within a month. Inspiring and helping you eat healthy and love whole food is what brings me joy. Let's take the journey together... I will show you the way to change your food AND change your life!

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