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New Additions!

I love granola... in my opinion it's quite perfectly one of the best "GO" foods around, I eat it right from the bag with a cup of coffee. Oats are amazing and a fantastic choice for a staple whole grain in your diet. Oats can help prevent heart disease (the #1 killer in the US) and diabetes (in the top 5 diseases & rising fast in the US). Oats contain a specific type of fiber known as beta-glucan which lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. I eat oats 3-4 times a week and my cholesterol and blood sugar are exemplary. We use more oats in our products than any other ingredient and it looks like we will be using a lot more... because we are launching 2 NEW flavors of our HomeStyle Granola!
Introducing, Apple Cinnamon which is reminiscent of a healthy Apple Jacks cereal! The diced apples are slightly baked which makes them a little crunchy and with the sweetness of honey... yes it's GOOD! Vanilla Almond is a classic with my twist... layers of flavor! Toast-y, butter-y, almond-y, vanilla-y... does that make sense? I just write it like I taste it!
You can expect big clusters for eating out of the bag or you can fix your bowl of cereal and get caught on the phone because it takes a long time for the sogginess to set in! Our new additions will be ready to take home on June 5th, order through our online bakery,, or if you are a Bellinghamster you can stop into our NEW Retail Bakery Store at 427 Ohio St!
Oh, did I mention we are moving the Bakery to a bigger and better spot in downtown Bellingham? Yes! After 12 years on the Guide Meridian aka "The Guide" (Siberia for most locals) we are moving back to our roots of downtown. Our new and much larger Retail Store will be open June 5th. Our move-in is soft... wait until the end of June if you want the full effect! My next blog will be all about our new home!
So... back to Oats! Eat 'em enough so they can do their job well, helping to keep your arteries clean and clear and your blood sugar in check!
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