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As some of you know in the last month we have pulled our Bakery up by the roots to move to a larger building that will allow us to stretch and grow. For months I have been so excited about this move and its implications I didn't really stop to think about how I would feel about leaving the building we have been in for 12 years. In a word I feel very...nostalgic. Since applying for my business license in 1994 A LOT has happened and most of it in that building! Reflection has been a useful exercise reminding me that life is a journey through valleys and over peaks... every elevation a place to learn, grow, and (hopefully) have a lot of fun.
In our old location we were off the main street in a business park with zero curb appeal! I've always wanted a retail store where I could share and communicate my passion for healthy baking... now I've got it and am really exited to share it! Our 800 sq ft retail space is new territory for us, we are fine tuning based on our own experiences and our customers feedback. My hopes are that our store becomes much like my kitchen at home... a comfortable and inspirational place for growing our awareness of the importance of eating healthier and the knowledge to do so!

New Bulk Foods Section

All of this relates right back to what I think is the foundation for a healthy life... taking personal responsibility to feed your body healthy food. My life has been especially hectic and fast paced in the last two months and the strength of my commitment was tested. I ate out more than usual but overall I am convinced that I can make the time to eat healthy 95% of the time no matter what's going on in my life. If this is where you want to be follow me... I will show you the way.
I've posted 99% of what I eat on Twitter and Facebook for almost 4 years now sharing my journey towards healthier eating habits... what's next? Videos!
Inspire...Educate...Empower, that's my goal. Are you in?

I would love to hear from you!
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