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Mix it Up for Easter!

This is the earliest Easter in memory and I think it will also be one of the warmest and sunniest in Bellingham... which is a real blessing! We always celebrated Easter growing up, going to church and then onto the Easter Basket Competition. Being a middle child I wasn't the fastest or strongest but keeping up with my older brother certainly made me scrappy and determined, my little sister didn't even try to keep up with us... I think she was smarter actually!

My mom went to great lengths to pack up beautiful baskets for us, she would find old baskets, a cool wooden box or a galvanized pail and pack it chock full with little toys, books, socks, our favorite fruit, GOOD QUALITY candy (that we savored instead of devouring) and other little treats she picked up here and there at tag sales, dime stores, just about anywhere... she was always on the hunt.

We made Easter Eggs together and my mom hid them well... the hunt was always fast and competitive, after we had our baskets to go through at our leisure (not having to share with siblings!). I am so grateful for my mom and the ways she always made Easter about MORE than candy! So get out there and hit some tag sales tomorrow or go to your local antique mall, have your own hunt to mix it up and do something different, they'll love you for it!

What will you be hunting for? ... I'll be hunting for heart shaped rocks!

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Have a Peaceful, Happy, and LOVE filled Easter,

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