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Healthy Halloween

What kid doesn't love Halloween? They get to dress up, go trick-or-treating and eat candy all night long! But what if those treats being handed out weren't made of sugar, sugar and more sugar? What if those treats were still sweet and delicious but paired with fiber, protein and other good-for-you 'stuff' that helps your body process the sugar... wouldn't that be ideal? Well look no further, we've got a list of fun and spooky ideas to get those creative minds turning, as well as a sweet deal on Breakfast Cookie Minis that are the perfect size for goodie bags!
Breakfast Cookie Minis
Breakfast Cookie Minis as Halloween Treats
Mom's love that these little cookies are pocket-sized, filled with whole grain oats and up to 26% REAL fruit! Purchase online at Oct 16th - Oct 31st to receive 25% off*.
*Discount applies to regular priced Breakfast Cookie Minis only and cannot be combined with any other offer. No coupon code necessary for discount. Offer available: 10/16/13 - 10/31/13.
Here are some other great ideas I've seen online:
Monster Face Decorating from PopSugar Fitness
This fun and simple activity calls for cucumbers, bell peppers and an assortment of cut veggies. Cut your cucumber into discs, then slice part way in the middle to insert a bell pepper tongue. Place empty faces at a station with hummus as the 'glue' and decorating options - let the kiddos go to town! Details here.
Cheese Eyeballs from Cute Food for Kids 
These creepy eyeballs are easily made with Babybel Cheese, sliced olives and a little ketchup or food dye. Details here
Apricot Fruit Bugs, Ghost Cheese and Apple-Nut Butter Teeth from Natural Noshing 
Check out how to make these great ideas here
Pumpkin Fruit Cups from Dixie Delights 
In need of a sealed healthy Halloween treat... Why not decorate fruit cups? (PS make sure you get the kind with fruit juice or water!) Details here
And of course dried fruit, small toys, stickers and temporary tattoos are always great options!
What will you be handing out this year?
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