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Easter is Just a Hop Away

This Sunday is Easter and as with most holidays that now revolve around candy I want to give you all a few alternative ideas that are just as delicious and fun! I did a little Easter hunting of my own... on Pinterest that is! provides a fantastic list of ideas for Easter Baskets ranging from chocolate dipped fruit to homemade peeps to lip balm - View by clicking here. has adorable kid snack ideas that could easily be incorporated into your holiday - View by clicking here. gives a recipe for a beautiful and delicious looking salad bursting with Easter colors - View by clicking here.

Are you looking to dye Easter Eggs, but want to skip the chemicals? Check our Martha' Stewart's how-to by clicking here. You'll be surprised by how many foods and spices in your kitchen you can use to make dyes!

Check out more ideas on my Pinterest page -
For all those local to Bellingham, WA - Be sure to check out Mt. Baker's Easter Egg Hunt! They have separate hunts for each age group, which is really cool because when I was little I always got knocked out of the way by the bigger kids and ended up pouting way too much! On your way up to Mt. Baker take in the sights, stop by Glacier at the Wake 'n Bakery for some delicious baked goods or catch Milano's on the way back down for a late lunch or dinner. It's a blast for the whole family! If you've never been up that way, the Mt. Baker Wilderness is something to behold, a perfect place to spend a very special day with your loved ones.
Do you have any healthy Easter ideas to share?

I would love to hear from you!
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